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How can mobile call apps save you money?


Everyone will go through a time in their life when they want to save money. Some people will try to save with a specific end goal in mind – perhaps you’re saving for a new TV, trying to save up for a car, or maybe even a major purchase like a house. Other people will try to save money every day, constantly looking for the b...

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8 things you may not know about Ramadan


For one month each year, Muslims around the world recognise Ramadan, and have been doing so for over 14 centuries. Despite the fact that millions of Muslims have been recognising Ramadan for so long, there is still a lot of confusion within the non-Muslim community. To try and clear up some of the confusion, here are 8 things y...

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Foo Calling Card to close on June 8th

We’re closing our Foo Calling Card service on June 8th, 2015, and our calling card will be removed from sale in our UK outlets on May 11th 2015.

If you have bought a card you will be able to use this credit until June 8th 2015.  If you have queries on t...

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