How it Works

How it works

The aim of FooCall is to make staying connected with your friends, family and colleagues as easy and low cost as possible, regardless of where in the world you or they may be and you will want the easiest means to achieve that without all the hurdles to jump over to do so. Cheap international calling shouldn’t be complicated.

As such, we’ve created a superbly efficient app that delivers in the way it should, getting you in touch with those you care about in as few steps as possible and making your life just that little bit easier. There are enough things to worry about, you don’t need your international calling app adding more to the list.

So we’ve made our app even easier than pie, no long forms to fill out, no limitations in what to use and where in order to make calls, no contracts to sign up to, no external payments to separate you from the app and those you care about, no tutorials necessary to navigate your way around a complex user interface, simply download the app and start enjoying low cost international calls, direct from your mobile today!

Find out more bout how it works below and stay connected for less.

Download FooCall today, your first call is on us!