India is home to a range of holidays and festivals – from some of the most colourful you will see in the world to ancient religious ones.

With expats calling their friends and family at home to give them well wishes and get involved in the festivities from far and away, calling home to India is simple and easy with FooCall. As one of the most popular call destinations for our users we’ve noticed an increase in activity among certain dates, and some of these include:

Holi Festival – March:

The Hindu Festival of Colour has become famous as one of the most frantic and fun festivals in the world. Colourful and unforgettable as thousands of people dance in the street and cover each other with water and dyes, Holi celebrates the end of winter and aims to ward away the spirits that can cause illness.

Diwali – November:

The Hindu Festival of Lights is one of the most spectacular sights to see, celebrating family and new beginnings with plenty of food and fireworks. With these cores of the festival being important to people the world over, if you can’t be there in person to celebrate then a phone call to your friends and family is the next best thing.

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