About us.

About us

We focus on delivering exceptional value and high quality to our customers worldwide. Based in Wokingham, Berkshire, UK FooCall was founded in 2009. It is part of Ghost Telecom Group, a collection of companies focused on delivering exceptional value and high quality international mobile telecommunications services. Ghost Telecom Group creates, builds and takes to market a range of different Over-the-Top (OTT) telecoms products and services designed specifically for mobile, enabling over 3 million users to stay connected all over the world. Find out more about us.


What we’re about

At FooCall, we believe keeping the world connected shouldn’t cost the earth. We understand how important is it to keep in touch with people, but know how difficult this can sometimes be when you live in different countries. Whether it’s your best friend in China, your gran in Australia, or your business partner in Vietnam, nobody should feel as though distance is keeping them apart from those who matter the most.

If you regularly make international calls on your mobile, the costs can soon add up, leaving you with a large, unwanted bill at the end of the month. We wanted to create an easy, reliable and low cost way for the world to stay connected on your mobile, and so FooCall was born.

Don’t let distance keep you apart. Download FooCall and start┬ámaking low cost, international calls, direct from your mobile instantly.┬áTry FooCall for free today, your first call is on us!